Property Management Software

Oownee offers powerful features for tenant and member management,
lease monitoring and financial reporting, payments, incidents, and more to discover all in a user-friendly interface.
So professionals and property owners can manage their properties effortlessly and with confidence,
whatever the property type.

Rent Management

Rent Management

Easily collect rent from tenants, track payment history, and set up automatic reminders for late payments. Get Payed online by Cash, Credit Card, Banking payment,...

Easy Accounting

Easy Accounting

Simplifies your property management finances by automating your accounting tasks with few clicks. Multi-currency and multi-language.

Property Tenant Acces

Tenant Members Access

Streamline your interactions with tenants or members by providing them with a online platform portal for payment, communication, maintenance requests, incidents, reservation, news, profil, contracts, billing...

Send Mails

Send Mails

Offers customizable Email and SMS templates for property management tasks, saving time & effort. Keep control of your communications on private chat. On the centralization hub.

Control Properties

Control Properties

Full control over your properties by providing an easy-to-use platform for managing all aspects of your portfolio. With automation.

Control Incidents

Control Incidents

Receive real-time notifications of incidents reported by tenants and members, and track the status of each incident.

Manage Finances

Manage Finances

Easily track income and expenses, generate financial reports, generate invoice and stay on top of tax obligations. Let AI (Artificial intelligence) help you.

Stay Organized

Daily Task Operations

Set reminders, create to-do lists, take notes, schedule meetings, store essential critical documents in the cloud, and track task and maintenance progress, all from a centralized hub.

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Powerful Nextgen Real Estate Manager

Streamline your property management experience with Oownee web app.

Staying organized

Staying organized

Stay organized with integrated to-do lists, calendars and reminders, ensuring smooth property management!

Collecting your rents

Collecting your Rents or Common charges

Easily Communicate with your Tenants or Members for Timely Payments, ensuring a hassle-free collection process!

Rent Management

Modulable Management

Adaptable to all Property Types: Rentals, Condos, HOA, Appartments, Building, Townhouse Complexes, MultiFamily Properties, Commercial, Residential 🚀 One Solution Fits all!

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Work Easier Today

Say goodbye to unnecessary Stress and Win Time and Money!

Accounting made simple


Get paid automatically and send automatic payment reminders, generate invoices automatically.

Control your finances

Control your finances

Effortlessly control your finances with comprehensive tracking and budgeting features for complete oversight!

Manage your tenants

Manage your Multiple Properties

Efficiently manage multiple properties with ease, using a unified platform for seamless oversight and control!

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Stop Stress and Win Time and Money !

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Why and for Whom?

  • Simplified Accounting.
  • Co-ownership Property management.
  • Rent management.
  • Tenant management.
  • Secure portal for tenants and managers.
  • Online Payment.
  • Incident management.
  • Daily operational management.
  • Automation.
  • Increase your efficiency.
  • Increase your profitability.
  • Administrative simplification.
  • Efficient management of multiple properties.
  • Save Time - Automate.
  • Multi Currency - Multi Language.
  • For Every Property Types.
  • Whatsapp Support
  • 1 Professional Website For Free.


  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Property Owner
  • Property Community
  • Investor
  • Developer
  • Properties Type
  • Rental - Condo - Appartments - Commercial - Retail - Residential - Community - Building - Office - Multi Familly - Townhouse Complexes...
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Streamline Property Maintenance

  • ownee-img-holder Automate work order management for prompt repairs and maintenance.
  • ownee-img-holder Centralize maintenance records for easy access and organization.
  • ownee-img-holder Schedule regular inspections and Maintenance to prevent potential issues.
  • ownee-img-holder Coordinate and control contacts with reliable suppliers for quality services in a timely manner.

Streamline Property Management

  • ownee-img-holder Centralized file manager for easy access and organization of crucial documents in the cloud.
  • ownee-img-holder Efficient incident ticketing to address and resolve issues promptly.
  • ownee-img-holder Provide secure access to members and tenants, promoting transparency and seamless communication.
  • ownee-img-holder Manage your association easily with meetings, split payment, communication, newsletter. HOA, Condominium ...

Pricing that Adapts to You

Our pricing is based on the number of properties you manage, with no hidden fees or long-term contracts. With Oownee, you only pay for what you need, and can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan as your needs change. Sign up now to see how Oownee's flexible pricing can work for you.

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Compare our pricing plans and features to find the best fit for your property management needs. With Oownee, you get flexibility and scalability without any hidden fees or long-term contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Oownee? We've got answers! Check out our frequently asked questions section to find answers to some of the most common questions about our property management app and website.

  • it is very simple you have access from an internet connection with a computer, a tablet, a smartphone...

  • oownee is made for individuals and professionals you can manage one property or a real estate park. with the commercial property management software.

  • No we have set up everything for a simple and intuitive management, you can manage your accounting part and you property like a pro and all that easily.

  • oownee is a complete solution for real estate management. you will be able to manage your accounting, incidents, condominium meetings, agenda, members, payments... and many more !

  • We do regular updates of the oownee solution so if you want an additional option that is missing do not hesitate to come and talk to us.

  • It all depends on the subscription you have chosen but in the "property manager pack" the number of properties and members are unlimited and customizable...

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What Our Customers Say about us

At Oownee, we value our customers and are committed to providing them with the best property management experience possible. Don't just take our word for it – read what our satisfied customers have to say about using Oownee.

Anna Smith Property manager

I am so impressed ! It is exactly what I needed to manage my real estate properties. The interface is easy to use, which has saved me a lot of time in managing my properties. I can easily track rent payments, repairs, and maintenance costs, which helps me stay organized and save money. I highly recommend !