First Step 🎆

1. How to add new Member - Invoice 🥇

Oct 29, 2023 08:25 AM



Creating the first member, unit, tenant, owner:


Step 1: Go to the "Members - units" page and create a new member, units.


Step 2: Fill in the required information.


Step 3: Fill in the quota %. (Put 0 if you are unsure)

For more information about the quota %, please refer to the 1. documentation.

2. or blog help

Step 4: Validate.


There you go, you have created your first member. 👍


Creating your first invoice:


Step 1: Go to one of the two pages to create your first invoice:

"Property Invoice Page"

"Member Invoice Page"

For more information about the difference between the two types of invoices, please refer to the documentation.


Step 2: Fill in the required fields.

The term "recurring" means "number of days issued between each invoice". If you wish to re-create an invoice after X days, enter a number to determine the number of days for re-creation. If the invoice is not to be re-created after several days, enter 0, so that the invoice is not re-created, and the invoice is issued only once.

0 for a single invoice
if you enter a number, e.g. 7, the invoice will be recreated every 7 days. 30 , every 30 days etc...


Step 3: Validate.

Congratulations, you have created your first invoice! 🚀