Members - Manage Access Control

Aug 4, 2023 06:19 AM

"Manage Access Control" Page:


The "Manage Access Control" page is dedicated to managing the access and rights of each member associated with the property. It provides a convenient and fast way to control access to different sections and features of the software for each member.


Password Management:

This section allows you to modify members' passwords and send them new passwords to access their personal accounts. This ensures account security and allows members to reset their passwords if needed.


Page Access Control:

In this section, you can manage and control members' access rights to different pages of the software. You can define pages that are accessible to all members and those that are restricted and accessible only to specific members.


Pages can be defined as:

Accessible to all members (Access) Restricted, granting access only to specific members (Restricted Access)


The pages that can be managed include:

Members - Dashboard - Property - Member Profile - Member Bills - Member Documents - Report Incident - Messages - Member Reservations -  News - Communication -  Meetings - Contracts


File Access Management:

This section allows you to manage file access for each member. You can determine which members have access to certain files and which members do not have access.


Invoice Management:

In this section, you can configure the automatic sending of invoices by email to each member. You can set the invoicing periods and types of invoices sent.

You can specify the date of the first invoice.

Select the invoice type (e.g., monthly, quarterly, etc.).

Set the interval between each invoice sending (e.g., every 30 days after the first invoice).

Configure reminders for pending invoices (e.g., send a reminder X days after the monthly invoice).



In summary, the "Manage Access Control" page allows property managers to manage access and rights for each member associated with the property. This includes password management, page access control, file access management, and configuration of automatic invoice sending. It ensures secure and personalized management of features for each member.