Messages - Page

Aug 4, 2023 06:30 AM

"Messages" Page:


The "Messages" page is a centralized space that allows property managers to communicate easily with property members.


Features available on this page:


Chat Communication:

Property managers can use a chat space to send and receive instant messages to members. This enables real-time communication and facilitates quick exchange of information.


Email Communication:

Property managers can also send personalized emails to property members. They can use email templates to automate communication and send consistent and professional messages.


Message Tracking:

The "Messages" page allows property managers to track ongoing (draft) and closed (completed) messages. This streamlines communication management and ensures important messages are not missed.


Creating New Messages:

Property managers can create new messages using the chat space or by sending personalized emails. This enables them to address important information, reminders, announcements, or any other relevant communication to members.



In summary, the "Messages" page is an essential tool for communication between property managers and members. It offers convenient communication options such as real-time chat and sending personalized emails. This simplifies and centralizes communication within the property, promoting better coordination and efficient interaction with members.