Tasks - Maintenance - Page

Aug 4, 2023 06:40 AM

"Tasks - Maintenance" Page:


The "Tasks - Maintenance" page functions as a Kanban board for managing tasks related to property maintenance and upkeep. It allows for the creation, tracking, and management of tasks to ensure they are efficiently and regularly completed.


Features of the "Tasks - Maintenance" Page:


Adding New Tasks: Managers can add new tasks using the "Add new Tasks" button. This allows for creating a list of tasks to be performed for property maintenance.


Task Information: For each created task, managers can input the following information:


  • Task Title: A descriptive title for the task.
  • Task Category: The category to which the task belongs, e.g., "Maintenance."
  • Task Sub Category: A more specific sub-category to classify the task, e.g., "Cleaning."
  • Task Date: The scheduled date for task completion.
  • Recurring Days: The number of days between each recurring execution of the task.
  • Task Priority: The priority level assigned to the task, such as "Low," "Medium," or "High."
  • Task Content: Additional information about the task, specific instructions, or reminders.


Task Tracking: Tasks can be tracked using a Kanban board, indicating their progress status:


  • New Tasks: Recently added tasks appear here.
  • In Progress: Tasks currently being worked on are moved here once started.
  • Complete: Successfully completed tasks are moved here once finished.


Recurring Tasks: The recurring days feature allows for creating tasks that repeat at regular intervals, preventing the oversight of important maintenance activities.



In summary, the "Tasks - Maintenance" page is an efficient tool for managing tasks related to property maintenance. It enables the creation, tracking, and organization of tasks, ensuring they are completed timely and, if necessary, recurrently. This streamlines property maintenance management and ensures all essential tasks are carried out effectively and in an organized manner.