Documents - Page

Aug 4, 2023 06:26 AM

"Documents" Page:


The "Documents" page is a file manager that provides access to all files stored in the cloud of the Oownee software. It offers easy access to various files such as images, documents, invoices, photos, contracts, and more, which are related to the property.


Features of the "Documents" Page:


File Manager:

This page functions as a centralized file manager for the property. All uploaded documents are organized and accessible from this location.


File Upload:

Managers can upload various types of files, such as images, documents, invoices, photos, contracts, etc., to save them in the system.


File Organization:

Files are organized in an orderly manner for easy search and access. Folders can be created to categorize files based on their type or date, allowing for better organization.


Simplified Access:

All authorized members can access files via this page, simplifying the search and retrieval of important documents related to the property.



In summary, the "Documents" page is a centralized space where managers can upload, organize, and manage all important files related to the property. It provides simple and efficient access to all necessary documents for property management.