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Aug 4, 2023 06:15 AM

Members - Tenants - Units:


The "Members" section is dedicated to managing individuals associated with the property. It provides a centralized interface for handling all members, whether they are tenants, property owners, units, or any other individuals linked to the property.


Key features of the "Members" section:


  1. Member List: The page displays a list of all individuals associated with the property. This may include tenants, property owners, co-owners, or other residents.

  2. Add New Members: Property managers can create new member profiles and add them to the list. This feature is useful for registering new tenants or property owners.

  3. Remove Members: If a member leaves the property or is no longer associated with it, managers can easily remove them from the member list.

  4. Activate or Deactivate Members: Managers can activate or deactivate member statuses. For instance, a member might be temporarily inactive or on leave, and this feature allows easy management of their presence in the list.

  5. Individual Member Profiles: Each member has a personal profile accessible by clicking on a dedicated button. This profile contains specific information about the member, such as their name, address, contact details, entry date to the property, etc.

  6. Connection Access Management: Members will have personal accounts with login credentials. This access management ensures the confidentiality and security of each member's personal information.

In summary, the "Members" section enables property managers to efficiently handle all individuals associated with the property. They can add new members, remove or deactivate existing ones, view personal profiles, and manage login access for each member. This streamlines property management and provides a personalized and secure experience for all members.


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