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2. How to Creat Your Invoice

Oct 29, 2023 08:28 AM

In this section, we'll look at how to create your invoice type , private and common. :


1.  "Members Invoice" | Private invoice for unit members. 

This invoice is reserved for members of a specific unit.

2. "Property Invoice" | Common invoice divided by quota % between and for all members - units.  ( visit : Whats is Quota % ? ) Quota is sharing in %.

This invoice is for all members of the property. 

Example: You have an invoice for cleaning and you want everyone to pay their share. The system checks the Quota of the member profile if the members have 10% Quota.
It will only pay 10% of the invoices.


Information : 

The term "recurring" means "number of days issued between each invoice". If you wish to re-create an invoice after X days, enter a number to determine the number of days for re-creation. If the invoice is not to be re-created after several days, enter 0, so that the invoice is not re-created, and the invoice is issued only once.

0 for a single invoice
if you enter a number, e.g. 7, the invoice will be recreated every 7 days. 30 , every 30 days etc...