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Aug 4, 2023 07:09 AM

"Contracts" (Contrats) is a page or section where all the contracts that the property possesses are gathered.


There are two main types of contracts:


Contracts with "Suppliers": These contracts are established with service providers such as electricity, water, gas suppliers, elevator maintenance companies, cleaning services, etc.


Contracts with Members - Tenants - Units: These contracts concern the property members, for example, the lease agreement for tenants who rent a space in the property.



The "Contracts" page allows for centralizing and organizing all contracts in one place, which facilitates the management and visualization of all information related to each contract. Important dates, contract details, and specific information related to each supplier or property member can be found here.


In summary, the "Contracts" page is used to store all contracts of the property, whether they are established with service providers or with property members. This enables more efficient contract management and better visibility of all important information concerning each contract.