Agenda - Page

Aug 4, 2023 06:32 AM

"Agenda" Page:


The "Agenda" page is equipped with a calendar that allows users to add and track scheduled events for the property. This feature is useful for knowing planned events on different dates, such as meetings, parties, scheduled maintenance, etc.


Features of the "Agenda" Page:

Adding New Events: Users can add new events using the "Add New Event" button. This allows creating a list of events for each specific day or time slot.


Event Information:


For each added event, users can enter the following information:


  • Event Title: A descriptive title for the event.
  • Start Date: The planned date for the event to begin.
  • Start Time: The planned time for the event to start.
  • End Time: The planned time for the event to end.
  • Event Category: The general category to which the event belongs, such as "Meeting," "Party," "Maintenance," etc.
  • Event Subcategory: A more specific subcategory to classify the event, for example, "Team Meeting," "Birthday," "Common Area Maintenance," etc.
  • Event Description: Additional information about the event, important details, or specific reminders.


Calendar Visualization: The added events are displayed on the calendar on their specified dates and times. This allows users to easily visualize upcoming events over a given period.



Efficient Planning: The event-adding feature enables efficient planning of various important activities for the property. This ensures that members and managers are informed about upcoming events.



In summary, the "Agenda" page is a handy tool with a calendar to add and track scheduled events for the property. It facilitates the planning and organization of important activities and ensures that all dates and times are well-coordinated for the scheduled events. This improves overall property management and ensures that all members are kept informed of upcoming events.