Meetings - Page

Aug 4, 2023 06:35 AM

"Meetings" Page:


The "Meetings" page allows for the organization of appointments and meetings within the property. It offers features to create a new meeting event and conduct voting if necessary.


Features of the "Meetings" Page:


Creating Meetings: Managers can create new meetings by providing necessary information such as the meeting's name, date and time, complete address, etc.


Voting (Optional): If needed, a voting feature can be associated with the meeting. This can be useful when decisions need to be made during the meeting, and members can vote on different questions or proposals.


Associated Documents: Managers can upload and associate important documents with the meeting, such as the agenda, presentations, reports, etc.


Video Link: For meetings that can be conducted online, a video link can be provided.


Meeting Tasks: The "Meetings" page allows listing the tasks to be accomplished during the meeting, facilitating the planning and management of activities to be carried out.



In summary, the "Meetings" page is a space where managers can organize and manage the property's meetings. It offers features to create meetings, optionally conduct votes, upload associated documents, and define tasks for the meeting. This facilitates the planning and conduct of important meetings within the property.