Incidents - Page

Aug 4, 2023 06:25 AM


"Incidents" Page:


The "Incidents" page is a dedicated space for managing incidents within the property.


Features available on this page:


New Incident:

This section allows you to view newly reported incidents by members or incidents created by managers. New incidents appear here so that you can react to them promptly.


Pending Incidents:

Pending incidents are those that have been reported or created but have not yet been addressed or taken care of.


Incidents in Progress:

This section displays incidents that are currently being processed or resolved. It allows you to track the current status of each incident.


Closed Incidents:

Closed incidents are those that have been successfully resolved or handled. They are archived for future reference.


Add New Incident:

Managers can add a new incident by filling out a form. They can specify the member involved, the date of the incident, the type of incident, the priority (high or low), and provide a detailed message describing the nature of the incident. They can also upload documents or images related to the incident, if necessary.



In summary, the "Incidents" page is an essential tool for managing incidents within the property. It allows you to track new incidents, manage those pending and in progress, as well as archive resolved incidents. Managers can also add new incidents and provide the necessary details for effective handling. This ensures better incident management and transparent communication with the members involved.