Property - Page

Aug 4, 2023 06:11 AM

"Property" is a page that contains all the general information related to the property.


Here are the different elements present on this page:


Property Profile:


Property Information: This section includes details such as the property name, address, country, postal code, property type, and property ID (ACP-XXXX).


Building Information: This section indicates the number of units, garages, floors, and cellars present in the building.

Property Documents & photos : You can store all document of the property in the "online" cloud.


Property Manager or Owner Information: This provides information about the property manager, indicating whether it is the owner themselves or a professional property manager. The manager's information includes email address, first name, last name, phone number, full address, and tax identification number. There may also be a profile picture of the property manager.

Property Profil