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Aug 4, 2023 06:59 AM

"Members Invoice" is the page or place where private invoices for individual members are created, thereby distinguishing them from the common invoices of the property.


Here is the information typically included in a members' invoice:


Member: This is the name or identifier of the member for whom the invoice is created.


Date: This is the date on which the invoice is issued.


Invoice Name: This is a name or title given to the invoice for easy identification.


Recurring Days: This is the number of days between each recurring payment, if the invoice is recurring.


Invoice Category: This is the category to which the invoice is associated, such as "Rent," "Cleaning Service," "Maintenance Fees," etc.


Amount / Price: This is the total amount of the invoice, indicating the cost of goods or services provided to the member.


Invoice Details: This is where specific information about the invoice can be provided, for example, a detailed description of the items billed or services provided.



In summary, the "Members Invoice" is where private invoices for individual members of the property are created. These invoices are separated from the common invoices for clearer and distinct management of payments related to each member.