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Aug 4, 2023 06:58 AM


"Property Invoice" (Property Invoice) is the page or place where property invoices are created. This page contains all the necessary information to generate an invoice.


Here is the information typically included in a property invoice:


Date: This is the date on which the invoice is created or issued.


Price: This is the total amount of the invoice, representing the cost of goods or services provided.


Recurring Payment (Recurring Payment - Days): This is the number of days between each recurring payment. This is relevant for invoices that repeat at regular intervals, such as monthly fees or common charges.


Main Category: This is the main category to which the invoice is associated, for example, "Electricity," "Maintenance," "Insurance," etc.


Sub Category: This is a more specific sub-category that classifies the invoice into a more detailed category. For example, for the "Maintenance" category, the sub-category could be "Gardening" or "Cleaning."


Description: This is an explanation or detailed description of the goods or services provided in the invoice, allowing property members to understand what they are paying for.



In summary, the "Property Invoice" is the place where invoices for the property are created, containing all the essential information for each invoice, such as the date, price, recurring payment information, main and sub-categories, as well as detailed descriptions.